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Organizations face increased challenges to manage risks and comply with laws, regulations and internal policies, and to do so cost effectively. Regulations are increasingly complex; organizations’ structures are more convoluted and blurred. An appropriate approach to governance is needed to maximize performance excellence and utilize resources to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities. The larger the business, the more complex is situation. As business growth accelerates, strong internal co controls and risk management procedures are vital.

Internal Audit

From fully outsourced internal audit to co-sourcing of function with your team, the internal audit service is designed to address areas of your concern-managing your business risks and risks of control failures, assisting your audit committee, reducing your compliance cost and helping you in performance improvements.

Quality Assurance Review

The business climate today is driven by demands for better governance, cost efficiency, transparency and accountability. In this new scenario, we believe that more than ever good organizations have started putting emphasis on strong internal control system. Our Quality Assurance Review is specially focused on your risk management systems, review of internal controls and review of financial reporting framework. If you have an in-house internal audit department, our quality assurance review also evaluates the effectiveness of your internal audit function.