Patan Dhoka Lalitpur-3, Nepal

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a greater choice in the accounting and advisory services market in Nepal by delivering an excellent quality service based on highest standards of ethics and integrity. We wish to establish ourselves as a leading professional service brand in Nepal with international scope and as market leader in core service areas.

Our Values

The Baker Tilly name reflects the quality, broad intellectual capabilities, depth of talent, specialized industry expertise, integrity and stature of our organization. We firmly believe that we occupy a space all of our own and provide a distinctively different option for our clients when it comes to choosing accountants and advisor.

Baker Tilly Nepal embodies the value proposition of Baker Tilly International global network in providing professional services to organizations in both the public and private sectors which rely on us for the integrity of their audit opinion, the provision of sound and valuable business guidance and advice on potential business risks.

The shared values of Baker Tilly International and member firms like us define what we stand for and how we do things, forming the basis for a consistent approach to service delivery worldwide.

We aim to be open and transparent businesses and make the following commitments in line with Baker Tilly International values:

  • To lead by example
  • To deliver a quality service with an emphasis on integrity
  • To be open and honest in all communications
  • To act ethically
  • To foster teamwork and collaboration with other member firms
  • To maintain a supportive, collegiate environment in which their individuals can flourish.